Energy Management

Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organization. Typically this involves the following steps: Metering your energy consumption and collecting the data. Our expert advice is designed to help.

Energy Futures and Bill Audits

From business audits to developing complex strategies, we offer significant auditing and energy consulting expertise to our clients.  We use a highly developed analytics to coach our clients across the various market trends, while developing a long-term strategy.

Energy Crisis Management

There are risks involved in any business. We provide you with extensive advice on how to be prepared for an energy crisis, large or small.  We assist business with the unforeseen complexities that may impact their business.

Our Services

We are a full-service consulting group that offers our clients the assistance with the following services:
1.  Energy Management and Procurement - including Agreement Negotiations
2.  Energy Efficiency & Energy Audits Studies
3.  Utility Billing Management including Audits and Savings Analysis
4.  Green & Solar Projects with ROI and Savings Projections
5.  Compressed Natural Gas and Fleet Options
6.  Deregulated and Regulated Energy Studies and Comparisons for Large Clients
7.  Lighting Retrofits and Energy Management System Implementations and Analysis